Monday, January 01, 2007


Reflections on 2006...

Last summer, I had a dream about the theatre producer Hal Prince. I was sitting in the park, reading a book about acting when Hal sat down next to me on the park bench. He asked me if I was an actress. I told him "Yes. I've worked really hard; I've trained; paid some dues - but for some reason, success has continued to elude me." Hal said, "Well, if you really wanted it, you would already have it." And, he was gone.

The following week, I went to Central Park to see the Broadway Under the Stars concert. Much to my surprise, the entire night was dedicated to the theatre of Hal Prince. At the conclusion of the evening, Hal took the stage and graciously accepted a park bench with his name on it to be permanently placed in Central Park.

Hal tries out his new bench

The more I watch Grey Gardens, the more I think Little Edie Beale is completely sane. The more I watch Grey Gardens, the more I fear I could become as sane as Little Edie Beale.

An instruction book would have come in handy.

Roccos Pastry Shop in Greenwich Village makes the very best cannoli's in the world. Thank you, Roccos. Those cannoli's got me through some very tough times.

Looking ahead to 2007...

A few nights ago, I had a dream where I had a pregnant belly. It could be symbolic for birth - a new life, a new year. It could quite literally mean that I'm going to give birth to a baby. It could mean that I will give birth to myself and finally embrace me just as I am. Or it could mean that I will give birth to my very own park bench. We'll have to see ... won't we Hal?

BRING IT ON, 2007!

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