Thursday, January 04, 2007


Lily Capehart

"The Lizard Whisperer"

Eleven year old Lily Capehart was watching Animal Planet one day when she saw a handler "hypnotize" an alligator by rubbing it's stomach. Lily decided to chase down the wild lizards scattered in the bushes around her South Florida home and give it a try. It was then that she realized her gift - the unique ability to catch and "hypnotize" lizards. And it wasn't long before she discovered that the reptiles would remain in this "relaxed" state for about 30 minutes - just enough time to get them dressed in costumes and cast in whimsical scenes from her imagination. Lily's father, photographer Lucien Capehart, has immortalized the comatose lizards on his website

As Lily is quick to note,
“all these lizards were handled with love and respect and in no way were they harmed in any way, shape or form."
(with the exception of their self-esteem)

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